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  • Solving the 7 Digit Problem in Globalized Dial Plans

    This is the first in what will eventually be a 3 part series exploiting the “Route Next Hop By Calling Party” feature in Communications Manager. In a globalized dial plan, your goal is to convert user dialed numbers into a globally recognized e.164 format for best match routing.  The issue we run into in the […]

  • Display Ascii Update

    Fun Problem. I took over an install that included Emergency Responder and when we started testing, the email alert was missing the Display Name of the calling user. The customer of course thought that would be a good idea to have because, well it is. CER pulls that field from Display Ascii on the line. […]

  • XML Phone Directory

    I had a colleuge ask about running a small ASP web site on a Linux Distro. My first question was why, and echoed my concern of spending more time troubleshooting than to just rewrite the app. With that I went ahead and rewrote the ap to PHP. Its a like for like app so just […]