Category: Voice

  • Pass-through Gateway Routing and Dial Peer Groups

    About the same time I started working on CUCM setups I noticed a problem with dial-plans on gateways not going where I wanted them to as easily as I wanted them to. The first was a hospital receiving 4 digits on a PRI. Every time someone called the cafeteria they got transferred to the 911 […]

  • Exporting CUCM to an Offline Local DB with Python

    I use database queries in Communications Manager a good bit to generate reports for work I’m doing. Things like finding second lines on phones or creating phone book type sheets for users take just a second in a query, but the downside is typically presenting that data. After switching most of my scripting from PHP […]

  • Connecting to UCCX INFORMIX DB with Python on Linux

    This is a bit of a evolution from my last post around dumping the CUCM database into a SQLite DB for offline parsing. Now that I have all of the data in a raw format from CM we can start playing with joining other stuff to it. I built a quick CDR script that parses […]

  • Getting the Time of Day Routing You Want in CUCM

    Time of day routing in CUCM is, for some reason, a complicated task both to implement and to administer.  Even when you have it configured you know that it is going to be a pain to update and still doesn’t give the business unit the flexibility they want.  So I’ve found the best way to […]

  • Branch Office Dial-Plans

    Part 3 of the “Route next hop by calling party” is an exercise of reducing dial-plan dependencies.  When working with customers that have several or thousands of different remote offices like retail, we try to create a dial-plan that makes sense for the branch as much as the corporate site and standardization is always top […]

  • Malicious Call Handling with “Route next hop by calling party”

    Part 2 of the new “Route next hop by calling party” is probably the best use of this feature and probably more geared toward the purpose.  This blog is a short snippet of an inbound dial-plan to block or redirect calls based on the calling party.  Before the feature was released in CUCM 10.x calling […]

  • Display Ascii Update

    Fun Problem. I took over an install that included Emergency Responder and when we started testing, the email alert was missing the Display Name of the calling user. The customer of course thought that would be a good idea to have because, well it is. CER pulls that field from Display Ascii on the line. […]

  • XML Phone Directory

    I had a colleuge ask about running a small ASP web site on a Linux Distro. My first question was why, and echoed my concern of spending more time troubleshooting than to just rewrite the app. With that I went ahead and rewrote the ap to PHP. Its a like for like app so just […]