Category: Development

  • Exporting CUCM to an Offline Local DB with Python

    I use database queries in Communications Manager a good bit to generate reports for work I’m doing. Things like finding second lines on phones or creating phone book type sheets for users take just a second in a query, but the downside is typically presenting that data. After switching most of my scripting from PHP […]

  • Connecting to UCCX INFORMIX DB with Python on Linux

    This is a bit of a evolution from my last post around dumping the CUCM database into a SQLite DB for offline parsing. Now that I have all of the data in a raw format from CM we can start playing with joining other stuff to it. I built a quick CDR script that parses […]

  • User Input Update

    I was working with a customer recently that required a zero out option for all users in VM. This is a bit of a task since you cannot adjust via the normal import/export process, but you can “bulk edit by csv” in order to change multiple users at one. This is still a bit of […]

  • Google Speech to Text API

    I was working on a POC around voicemail transcription from unity and I spent longer than needed trying to get this to work the way goods docs say to with all the libraries etc. Then I spent another good chunk of time on github with the same success, but finally got it figured out over […]